Spirometry Kits

Disposable Patient Spirometry Kits for use with enabled GE Carestations® and Carescape® modules.


Monitoring Line Amalgamation Reduces clutter, with the ability to separate the gas sampling line should extra reach be required at both the sensor tube and monitor module end. Lightweight Sensor Tubes Patient Spirometry Monitoring line lengths ranging from 2m-6m means a convenient size is available. Color Coded Manifolds For ease of set-up. Blue for sensor tube and White for monitor module. Gas Sampling Line Angled connector reduces risk of kinking and possible impingement against other equipment. Compatibility Flexicare’s patient spirometry sets are compatible with all GE and Philips anesthesia machines that offer a spirometry option. They are compatible with all of Flexicare’s range of breathing systems and will monitor anesthetic and airway gases, lung mechanics (volumes, flows and pressures).


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Color coded, for the application of Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP).

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