The Resuscitaire® by Draeger is an essential device for labor and delivery procedures, offering an efficient warming therapy platform and all the necessary components for clinical emergency and resuscitation. It provides a seamless combination of warming therapy and critical care features, making it an ideal tool for medical professionals during labor, delivery, and resuscitation scenarios.


Resuscitation right where you need it

The blender, suction, flowmeter, and positive pressure are conveniently mounted on the bed, easily accessible at your fingertips.

Silica Quartz Heater

  • The Silica Quartz technology ensures fast and uniform heating, while the parabolic reflector evenly distributes heat across the mattress area. Experience AutoBreath™ for enhanced comfort.
  • The T-Piece resuscitation sets a new neonatal resuscitation standard with the hands-free Autobreath option. Easily adjust breath per minute, FI02, PEEP, and airway pressure relief based on the infant’s clinical needs and situation.


The T-Piece resuscitation sets a new neonatal care standard, featuring the groundbreaking Autobreath option for hands-free operation. Simply configure breath per minute, FI02, PEEP, and airway pressure relief to cater to each infant’s unique clinical needs. This innovation streamlines the resuscitation process, allowing healthcare providers to focus on critical aspects of care. With customizable parameters, precise control is achieved, ensuring optimal support for distressed neonates. The T-Piece resuscitation with Autobreath empowers medical teams, enhancing efficiency, safety, and outcomes during crucial moments of neonatal care, ultimately improving prospects for newborns and their families.

Alarm Free Pre Warm Mode

With Pre Warm mode, caregivers can focus on the mother and baby without interruption from alarms, ensuring seamless care and attention.


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More Products

Dräger Polaris® Multimedia

Document surgical procedures in standard or professional quality with one of several flexible, standard or high resolution video solutions.

Polaris® 50

The Polaris® 50 is ideal for everyday hospital life, which is becoming more and more challenging. Whether it is in the examination room, in intensive care or in the OR-induction room – the Polaris® 50 always provides high-contrast, colour-stable light. In addition, the treatment light is flexible to handle and easy to use so that you can make the right decisions more quickly.

Dräger Polaris® 600

Our OR light is state of the art: The Dräger Polaris® 600 makes your working day a lot easier – with intuitive controls and versatile configuration options. The future-proof system concept remains true to the philosophy of the product family providing you with simply good light.

Dräger Polaris® 100/200

In the operating room, the right illumination is essential for success. The Polaris® 100/200 surgical illumination systems provide cool light with natural colours and rich-contrast for thousands of hours of carefree operation without straining on your hospital‘s budget