Mini Wright AFS Low Range

Mini Wright AFS Low Range peak flow meter provides accuracy and consistency to asthma patients with lower peak flow monitoring requirements.


For patients with lower peak flow monitoring requirements

Having set the standard with the Mini-Wright Standard, the AFS Low Range peak flow meter provides the same level of accuracy and consistency to those patients with lower peak flow monitoring requirements.

It can help if you need to record readings on an asthma peak flow chart and is particularly useful for very young children, the elderly, and patients with severe air flow obstruction. The Mini-Wright AFS Low Range measures peak expiratory flow between 30-400 L/min.


  • Available in ATS and EU scales
  • Useful for children, elderly patients and those with severe air flow obstruction
  • Individually calibrated for absolute accuracy
  • Incorporates Aerodynamic Flow System (AFS)
  • Easy to read scale
  • Simple to use; A reading can be taken with ease
  • Compact for portability
  • Windmill incentive trainer available which is useful for children

Individually Calibrated

Every Mini Wright AFS peak flow meter is individually assembled and calibrated by highly trained operatives to ensure consistent performance and accurate readings which can be transferred on to an asthma peak flow chart. All calibration test equipment is frequently checked to ensure that the highest of standards are met. The scales cover 30-400 L/min.

Two scales

Each Mini Wright AFS peak flow meter is manufactured to one of two standards; the EU and ATS.

Windmill trainer

Peak flow requires a forceful exhalation and to encourage young children to do this, the Windmill trainer is an incentive challenge. By moving the Windmill further from the mouth more exhalation force is required to turn it.


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