Humidification Chambers

Part of a complete system to actively warm and humidify inspired respiratory gases delivered to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.


Overfill Protection Primary and a secondary floats to regulate the flow of water and provide protection against overfilling. Optimal Humidity Low water volume reduces initial warm up time and temperature fluctuations during use, providing consistent humidity levels. Gas Flow Diverters Diverters maximise gas flow through the chamber optimising humidity levels. Heat Transfer Flat base for complete contact with the heater plate for efficient, rapid and responsive water heating.

Part Numbers

Part Description Min Qty
038-31-740 Auto-Fill Humidifier Chamber – Sterile 20
038-31-742 Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber – Sterile 20
038-31-743 Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber for Bi-PAP 20
038-31-750 Manual Fill Humidifier Chamber – Sterile 20
038-31-750A Manual Fill Humidifier Chamber – without Tubing 20


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