HME Booster

Located close to the patient, the innovative HME Booster is a unique solution to provide heat and humidity to the patient without relying on conventional active humidification systems.


High Performance Delivery The HME Booster delivers not only heat and moisture directly to the patient with every inspired breath, but during exhalation it also increases the performance of the HME for the next respiratory cycle. Effective Humidification The system consists of a high-performance HME filter with heating element and a water source adapter. The heating process causes evaporation, which warms and humidifies the air. The extra heat and moisture in combination with the HME provide excellent humidification levels. Multi Use Durable and reusable heater is available with different power configurations for multiple regions. Hygrovent Gold Hygrovent Gold combines the simplicity of an HME with the benefits of active humidification. The easily placed heating element adds additional heat and moisture to the inspired gases. Clinically proven to increase humidity levels in mechanically ventilated patients. HME Booster T-piece Sets Sterile, single-use HME Booster configurations are available to fit your specific needs. Each set consists of a Hygrovent S HME filter and a HME Booster T-piece.


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