FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier

The FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system to provide warmed and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.


Misconnection Prevention Easy-connect heated wire and temperature probe sockets of different design ensure correct connection. Multi-Function Display Clear easy-to-read LED Display with the option to check Airway, Chamber or Heater Plate Temperature, or hold on a custom setting. Alarm Indications Clear, color coded visual and audible alarms notify the user of set-up errors, accidental disconnection during use or delivered temperatures outside the set parameters. Variety of Circuit Options Suitable for Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation, and Heated or Non-Heated Wire Breathing Systems. Positive Connection Heater Plate with spring loaded locking mechanism for secure placement of humidification chamber. Watch Online Our YouTube channel has a suite of helpful videos to demonstrate setup, cleaning and use of the FL-9000.

Part Numbers

Part Description Min Qty
FL9000 Respiratory Humidifier Heater – UK Plug 1
FL9000 AUS Respiratory Humidifier Heater – with 3 Pin Australia Plug 1
FL9000 India Respiratory Humidifier Heater – 240 Volt 3Pin Round Plug 1
FL9000EU Respiratory Humidifier Heater – European 230V With 2 Pin Plug 1
FL9000IT Respiratory Humidifier Heater – European 230V With 2 Pin Plug 1
FL9000THA Respiratory Humidifier Heater – 230V 2 Pin Plug 1


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