E-Cube 8 Diamond

21.5’’ wide Full HD LED monitor (IPS). 10.4’’ LED touch screen with user friendly UI and Customizable presets. Storage: Combination of SSD 120GB for faster processing and HDD 1TB for saving large amount of patient data. 3 Step Gel warmer for better patient comfort. Crystal Signature™ and Power View™ Transducer for better penetration and resolution. Articulating monitor arm and Control panel up/down for height adjustment. Volume Master™- ALPINION’s intuitive 3D/4D software package in Convex and endocavity transducers offers fast rendering speed and outstanding rendering quality for diagnosis. Advanced 3D/4D features like Anyslice, Mslice and Volume Analysis for better 3D/4D diagnosis. Live HQ- Premium 3D/4D feature to render a realistic view of fetus. Advanced Cardiac features like stress echo, Cube strain, Auto EF, TDI. Other advanced features like Strain Elastography, Auto NT, Auto IMT, Needle vision Plus available. High density linear and High density Endocavity volume transducer for better resolution.


Excellent Imaging performance helps you to make clinical decisions with confidence- The E-CUBE 8 diamond high-performance transducers and system realize high-resolution images. The high image clarity assists you in performing examinations more quickly and making more accurate diagnoses


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Innovative & High-performance product with advanced feedback technology, personalized settings, and safety monitoring.

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Medius+ CNS

CNS MEDIUS+ is a central monitoring solution that offers a 'one touch' access to patient demographics, alarm settings, reports printing and bedside view along with some critical functions like ethernet interface, two-way communication, freezing a particular patient’s waveforms for detailed analysis, remote monitoring capability and HL7 connectivity for HIS.
Medius+ CNS remote clinical application expands your access to valuable information stored at the Medius Central Station by making it available virtually anywhere on your hospital network. When deployed with internet availability on your PC/Laptop, Medius+ provides real-time views of the monitored patient information with a single sign on and integrated patient selection. You can view vital signs data of patient monitors from any location with access to your hospital’s CNS server.