C – Ray Pro

110 KHz Ultra High Frequency, 3.5KW X-ray Generator for high quality images & reduced skin dose KV range: 40kv-110kv Stationary Anode X-ray Tube head with real-time heat monitoring 7” Full Touch control panel which is intuitive and user friendly Multiple operating Modes – Continuous / Snapshot/ Boost Fluoro & Radiography modes Compact Workstation with 17’ dual High-Resolution LED monitors/19’ dual monochrome medical grid monitors* Compact device provides perfect mobility with a smaller footprint Superior Ergonomic design for an efficient operation Auto saving of images for hassle-free operation DICOM 3.0 send, CD/DVD data export*


When choosing a right C-Arm for quality imaging and enhanced user experience, the BPL C-Ray Pro would be the ideal choice. C-Ray Pro has a compact & light weight design which provides precise and distinct image quality, provides easy maneuverability and is loaded with features which includes 110kHz Ultra High frequency X-Ray Generator, a 7” full Touch Screen control panel, Auto Brightness Stabilization (ABS) which automatically adjusts kV/mA for optimal images, a memory of Up to 100 frame Images which are auto saved and a 17” high brightness Monitor.


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SurgiX – E2

Innovative & High-performance product with advanced feedback technology, personalized settings, and safety monitoring.

SurgiX – E3 Dual

High performance innovative product with advanced feedback technology, personalized settings, and safety monitoring.


Presenting SurgiX - VS1, a high-performance electrosurgical solution with unique features such as advanced feedback technology, personalized settings and safety monitoring; an exemplary solution for multiple specialty ORs

Medius+ CNS

CNS MEDIUS+ is a central monitoring solution that offers a 'one touch' access to patient demographics, alarm settings, reports printing and bedside view along with some critical functions like ethernet interface, two-way communication, freezing a particular patient’s waveforms for detailed analysis, remote monitoring capability and HL7 connectivity for HIS.
Medius+ CNS remote clinical application expands your access to valuable information stored at the Medius Central Station by making it available virtually anywhere on your hospital network. When deployed with internet availability on your PC/Laptop, Medius+ provides real-time views of the monitored patient information with a single sign on and integrated patient selection. You can view vital signs data of patient monitors from any location with access to your hospital’s CNS server.