Adult Parallel Circuits

Flexicare provides a comprehensive range of parallel anaesthesia circuits, also known as closed anaesthesia circuits, suited for low flow anaesthesia applications. All parallel circuits are equipped with sturdy Y-pieces suited to make connections with catheter mounts, filters and patient interfaces. The machine-end connectors provide an easy and secure fit to the anaesthesia machine, while still allowing ease of disconnection.


Corrugated Systems Corrugated tubing ensures light weight, an advantage against drag and pressure on the patient. The shallow corrugations minimise flow resistance and turbulence, ensuring accurate flow rates. Argentic Systems Argentic circuits are anti-microbial breathing systems that combat microbial contamination within the clinical setting and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. Argentic breathing circuits are impregnated with a silver ion additive. When oxygen in the ambient air comes into contact with silver particles, it creates a catalytic reaction which helps deactivate microbes. Smoothbore Systems The smooth inner side of the tubing reduces turbulence, flow resistance and work of breathing in comparison with some corrugated tube circuits. The kink resistant spiral outer ribs support tube patency ensuring exact delivery of breathing gases Flexi-Lock Systems Expandable circuit for greater flexibility within the operating room or for patient transport. The circuit can be expanded to the desired length and curved into specific positions without the need for tying down.


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More Products

High Flow Oxygen Therapy Breathing Systems

Smoothbore inspiratory limbs with embedded heated wires in a reinforced spiral construction. Delivers optimal humidity and manages excess rain-out.

BiPAP® Breathing Systems

Single Heated and Non-Heated Breathing Systems for patients receiving Bi-Level respiratory therapy. Available with Exhalation Valves and Pressure Lines, giving clinicians the ability to use with a wider variety of NIV machines and masks.

PEEP Valves

Color coded, for the application of Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP).

CPAP Breathing Systems

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Breathing Systems and Masks with an effective seal designed to maintain PEEP, promote compliance and provide maximum comfort during CPAP therapy.